Pastor Jenny Hatleli

I’m Jenny Hatleli and I’m the pastor here at ELC. I am married to my wonderful husband Matt, and we have two wonderful daughters, Emily, and Jenna. I have my B.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies with a minor in Psychology from Regent University, my MDiv. from Luther Seminary, and I am a specialized Mission Developer/Redeveloper Pastor.

When I’m not at church, you can usually find me in my garden or spending time with my amazing family. Some of my favorite things about being a pastor are listening to the church sing, sharing the Good News of Jesus with people over a good cup of coffee, and simply being with God’s people. God is at work in and through Black River Falls and the surrounding communities, and we can join in many ways. I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to be your pastor, as we seek after ways to be the hands and feet of Christ as we live out: Loving God and Loving people.

Jessica Bahnub / Education Coordinator

My name is Jessica Bahnub and I work at ELC part-time as an Education Coordinator. I manage the Sunday School program and I oversee the peer ministry group for our high school youth. My husband, Chad, helps with both of these programs as well.

Micaela Conlon-Bue/ Director of Outreach

Elizabeth Lunde / Office Manager

Lizzie has made the day-to-day operations of the church function smoothly and has also done the bookkeeping since September 2019. If you need to meet with a pastor, get involved in an activity, have a question, or don’t even know where to begin, Lizzie will walk you through it and get you what you need

Lizzie graduated from Chippewa Valley Technical College with a Business Management degree in 2018. In September, she welcomed her firstborn baby into her family; his name is Jaxon. She enjoys cooking, long walks, and going to Lake Wazze.

Marianne Torkelson

Marianne has a deep calling to serve the common good.  Marianne has been a lifelong member of ELC.  Her parents and grandparents were members too. She has served as an organist/accompanist and has been sitting on one bench or another at ELC for over 40 years.  In addition to her service to ELC, Marianne is a leader of the Servant Led Community, is chair of the Jackson County Childcare Network, a member of the Jackson County Broadband Committee, and working with the committee on Homelessness.

Marianne and Troy were married at ELC in 1989 and have two children.  Betsy and her husband Tyler live in Winona, and Tommy and his fiancée Kate live in Black River Falls.  She works at Co-op Credit Union where she serves as the Vice President of Business Development & Training sharing her passion for growth, development, and concern for community. 

Paul Anderson / Church Custodian

Paul started as the custodian in November 2013. Paul is married to Heidi, and they have three children. He is a jack-of-all-trades and is always on the run. If you can’t find it at the Church, ask Lizzie, and she will find him for you. When he is not at the church, he is driving a school bus. In his spare time (if he has any), you can find him playing with his five grandchildren.