“Faithful Conversations”



We are living in a time of great division in 2022-23. Polling indicates that millions of citizens believe another civil war will likely occur within the next few years. As ELCA Christians, what role do we have to play in our churches, communities, and nation in the face of various issues dividing people? Can we be purveyors of hope and healing within our communities?       

In this 4-session study, we will place our present moment in context by exploring our history, with a special emphasis on interpreting that history through the lens of Christianity. Each session will include a background lecture followed by opportunities for reflective discussions. Our plan is not to argue over issues or drive a particular agenda, but rather to have faithful conversations about HOW we navigate the challenges created by societal divisions, guided by the Holy Spirit.        

Session 1: 7 September:  Our Political Environment in 2022
Session 2: 14 September:  What Did the Founders Create?  How are we doing?
Session 3: 21 September:  Personal Politics and the Role of Political Parties  
Session 4: 28 September: The Media Environment and its Impact

Meeting Wednesdays at 6:30

Contact Paul Rykken at pstrykken@gmail.com or text or call @ 715-299-0311 with questions or if you desire further information.     

 ** Note: Our September study will lay the foundation for a second study in which will more fully explore HOW we talk about divisive issues authentically and with love.

For more information about our Adult Education Opportunity (Wednesdays at 6:30), check out Pauls Rykken’s website @ pstrykken.com