2010 Confirmation Class-3

We would like to introduce you to Confirmation Ministry at Evangelical Lutheran Church.  We believe that confirmation is an important time in a person’s life.  Therefore we pray that it be both positive and life-shaping.  Following is an overview of the confirmation program.  In addition, students and their families receive a detailed letter on yearly requirements and expectations beginning in 7th grade.  If there is something you are unclear about, or if we have missed something, please ask or call the church office.

Confirmation: a milestone in your faith journey.

At the center of faith is the wonderful story of God and his love for you.  As you grow and develop, so do your questions and understanding about God. Confirmation is designed to help you explore what it means to be a Christian. We believe one of the best ways to do this is to follow a progression of teaching that helps you to learn, interpret, and confess the story of Jesus Christ and what it means for you. Will you be done growing in faith once confirmation is done? Absolutely not! Confirmation is only one milestone in your life-long journey of faith. Joining together with all God’s people, we know that God will grow faith in you your whole life long.

Youth Acolyte Schedule

Youth Usher and Greeter Schedule

Along with regular participation in Sunday School (3yr. old through 7th grade), confirmation learning takes place in the following areas at these times in your faith journey:

Beginning Confirmation:

7th Grade Martin Luther & the Reformation

In addition to attendance at Sunday School (required) you will acolyte at least 3 times during the year. In the spring of your 7th grade year, you will attend 4 evening sessions with your parents to learn about our Lutheran heritage as Christians. Classes for 2018 are April 4, 11, 18, 25 @ 7pm.

7th Grade Confirmation Schedule

Continuing Confirmation:

8th & 9th Grade Small Catechism

You will attend Wednesday evening classes from October-February, learning parts of the small catechism and how God’s word applies to your life. Most nights will have a large group learning session led by one of the pastors, followed by small group discussion led by an adult small group guide. In 8th and 9th grade you are required to attend worship regularly and take worship notes that are turned in to your small group guide, and you participate in service projects and fellowship activities, including an overnight retreat. Classes for 2017-2018 are September 20-February 7. 8th/9th grade retreat is February 16-17, 2017.

8th/9th Grade Confirmation Calendar

Preparing for Affirmation of Baptism:

10th Grade Lifelong Discipleship

By 10th grade, you’ve formed some ideas about what you believe and why you believe it. During the fall of this year you will finish writing your own faith statement to share with members of the Parish Education Committee. You will attend classes in the fall as you prepare for affirmation of baptism. Classes for 2016 are Sept. 7 – Oct.26. Confirmation service is on Reformation Sunday, October 30th, 10:30 am.

10th Grade Confirmation Schedule

So you see, confirmation at Evangelical Lutheran Church is not really just a program, it is a process. When God claimed you as His child in baptism, God initiated a relationship which God promised would support you for your whole life. It is a time to share and grow with the help of leaders and friends. It is a time to make the promises made for you in baptism your own. God wants you to make the very best use of the talents and resources God gave you. So, make this time an offering of yourself, and God will bless you. You won’t be sorry!

A Word to Parents

The encouraging and sharing of our faith happens primarily in families and in the activities and conversations that take place there. The role of confirmation ministry at ELC is to assist you as you work to help your son or daughter grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. As we seek to work together on this, we are eager to hear from you as to how we can help. Here are some things you can do at home to encourage your child’s faith:

  • Pray for them and yourselves. 
  • Pray for God’s guidance and blessing in your lives as a family.
  • Talk with your son or daughter about the topics raised in classes regularly. Try to initiate other conversations about faith, values and life.
  • Assist with, check and document memory work.
  • Be an example of the Christian faith. Worship regularly, be involved in the church, support the confirmation program, and encourage participation in church youth and family events.
  • Check in with your child often, review their confirmation learner sheets, and encourage them to keep up with requirements (8th & 9th grade especially).