Milestone Ministry

What is Milestone Ministry?

Milestone ministry is a way for us to celebrate the promises made in baptism, provide learning opportunities for families, and recommit ourselves as a congregation to nurture one another as the body of Christ as we mark “milestones” in a person’s journey of faith. The first milestone is baptism—when we hear the words proclaimed to us “child of God, you have been sealed with the Holy Spirit and marked with the cross of Christ forever.” Throughout a child’s growing years, there are other times that we make a point to connect as a congregation and celebrate once again this identity as a child of God, a brother and sister in Christ.

Each milestone has two aspects: a learning event designed for children and their parents, and a worship celebration in which the congregation offers their prayers and a blessing at this time in the child’s life. In this way, we are assisting and encouraging families to pass on the faith.

Major milestones celebrated throughout the year:

  • One Year Anniversary of Baptism (January)
  • Beginning Sunday School for 3 and 4 year olds (September)
  • Worship for Kindergartners (November)
  • Receiving 3rd grade Bibles (October)
  • Learning to Pray – First Graders (February)
  • Receiving first communion (Beginning in March)
  • Leading Worship/Acolyte Training (End of September)
  • Beginning confirmation (7th grade classes at the end of April and/or beginning of May, 8th/9th grade has class from October through February)
  • Affirmation of baptism (Confirmation – End of October)
  • High school graduation (End of school year) 

2011 Octogenarian Sunday 003

Of course, milestones don’t only happen when we are young. Perhaps you can think of special moments in your life when it has been especially important to be surrounded by the body of Christ, and when you have been especially thankful for the support and love of the community. Milestone ministry is for everyone—for children, parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors—all of us together to remind one another that we are baptized. We are part of the body of Christ, fellow workers in the kingdom of God.